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Cheie inelara Torx E18 impact pentru etrier camioane MAN

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Cheie inelara Torx E18 impact pentru etrier camioane MAN TGL i TGM - ZR-36TSWE18.
E18 Star Slogging Wrench Spanner - 2 Striking Faces Box End Striking Wrench.

Use of the wrench for assembly and disassembly of the brake caliper screw connections renders disassembly of the steering tie lever unnecessary.

Application: Wrench size: E 18. Total length (for class): 215 mm. Drive: Square, hollow 20 mm (3/4 inch). Output: Outside TORX profile.

For the operation of TORX screws on brake caliper screw connections on commercial vehicle front axle and trailing axles. Correct tightening of screws with torque wrench in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications
Wrench flat with lasered formula for calculating the correct effective length. For e.g. MAN TGL TGM.
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