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Cheie dinamometrica 1/2" 40-210 Nm

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COD PRODUS : 6474470
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Cheie dinamometrica 1/2" 40-210 NM

Cod produs: 6474470
1/2" Drive
Total length 470mm
Torque range (fully adjustable) 42 ~ 210Nm
Comes with certification of calibration
Every bolt on modern vehicles has a torque setting, and a torque wrench is essential to accurately judge how tight a bolt is.
Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability.
Smooth action mechanism providing accurate torque settings every time.
Fully adjustable torque wrench with ratchet head which when set ensures proper tension and loading settings are applied to nuts and bolts.
Knurled handle for comfort and grip when using this application.
When the required torque setting is reached the wrench produces an audible click and a slight release of tension.
Clockwise torque only but can also be used to undo by the switch of a lever on the ratchet head.
S.C. ZIMBER TOOLS SRL Romania. CUI 32325078

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